Artist Bears and Handmade Teddy Bears

Artist Bears and Handmade Teddy Bears

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Cay Weightman
Bow Gussies
United Kingdom

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Antique artist bears (10)

I started Bow Gussies at the latter end of 2016 and the few I have made since starting the company have been sold on Ebay until March 17 - though I still periodically list there when offers are good.

I make bears in a size range of 8" up to 30", both bare and dressed, often in clothes made from antique materials or actual antique children's clothes.

All bears are made from mohair, are five way jointed, glass eyes and are stuffed with a traditional wood weighted filling, which is designed to settle to give them a scrunchy feel.

All, too, are distressed to represent the early German Steiff bears (hence the name - boguses) many of us covet (but can't afford!), which involves areas of baldness, worn paw pads, dulled eyes (sometimes) and carefully stained to replicate decades of ungentle play by little hands (trust me - I have two children!!).

I aim for the bears to wear a slightly eccentric (sometimes their ears are attached in a wonky manner and they don't always sit straight) vintage appeal - gazing out upon the world with either gentle melancholy or bright eyed humor - but always (I hope) connecting with you. None I sell are ever ones I wouldn't want myself.

Because the company is so new and unknown, I offer free postage with free return should he or she not automatically resonate with something deep within you - it happens with all of us from time to time; somehow, we just can't love him/her - making any purchase completely risk free.

£3 from the sale of each bear is donated to the Trussell Trust.

I prefer payment via bank transfer as this facilitates free postage, but can and will accept Paypal if easier

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27 days ago 

28 days ago 

Mops Hodgett 125" black mohair bear
12½" (31¾ cm)



Muriel Sherringham 85" mohair bear
8½" (21.5 cm)



Goff Bellingham
8½" (21.5 cm)




Chuffy Wingrave 'white' mohair 95" be
9½" (24.1 cm)



Kilbey John
12" (30.4 cm)



'Nettie Bingham' 8" brownbear
8" (20.3 cm)



10" gold mohairbear 'Alfie Coggan'
10" (25.4 cm)